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Bitcoin for Beginners

There are people who know nothing about Bitcoin and are curious for more information, that’s why Bitcoin4Beginners. They’re small get-togethers for people who want to ask questions that might seem stupid, for people who are not necessarily technically minded, people who have heard about this virtual currency and want to know how to actually transfer coins for purchases.

That’s who Bitcoin4Beginners is for.

And this is what Bitcoin4Beginners is…

Somebody will come to your home or office environment and discuss the basics of Bitcoin, how it started, how to use it, why it’s growing, why it’s bursting out of traditional boxes, who’s involved, what’s happening in Melbourne, how to buy, where to buy. The philosophy behind it, the community that’s forwarding it, the possible future Bitcoin presents to the world, the businesses that are sprouting up… and whatever else you want to know.

We’ll set up wallets and exchange Bitcoin, discuss whether or not to spend and look at ways to buy things for those who want to practice the art of trading with this virtual phenomenon.

That’s what Bitcoin4Beginners is. Organise a gathering in the privacy of your own space by contacting Dale at this website address to organise where and when works for you.

Like Bitcoin, it’s that simple.