How to Clean Your Climat Ducted Gas Heating Melbourne System

Consider the extreme ‘workout’ that you give to your ducted gas heating system during the winter months; it makes a lot of sense that you should give it some much-needed TLC cleaning once in a while. Most homeowners don’t even think about their ducted heating systems; not until it’s time to turn them on or off. But what does happen to each of those ducts and when is it the right time to clean them? Follow this guide to know how to clean your Climat ducted gas heating Melbourne system.

When to Call for Professional Help

Are you wondering whether you should tackle the maintenance task yourself or call professional services? If so, here are a few apparent signs that you should do the latter:


There’s a presence of mould growing inside the ducts or elsewhere on your heating system. Even if you can’t see it directly, you may be able to smell it every time you use your ducted gas heating system. If the mould problems aren’t corrected by a professional, it will tend to recur and cause more problems.

The ducts may be full of dirt and dust that is being released into the home. If you have an excessive amount of debris inside your AC unit, you won’t be able to remove it yourself adequately.

There are also some cases where the ducts can become infested with pests or vermin. These pests include rats, mice, or insects. If such is the case, then it’s more than enough reason to call in professional help.


If you’re currently choosing for the ideal Climat ducted gas heating Melbourne cleaning service, make sure you go for a reputable company. Don’t just go with whatever you find on the internet or your local directories. Make sure you assess the company first before you make your decision. Access our website now to get a full list of the best air conditioning maintenance services in your area.

DIY Ducted Heating System Maintenance

Unless you can notice any of the problems mentioned above, you should be able to keep your ducted heating system clean and fresh yourself. If you have children at home, you should check the ducts regularly for any potential surprises. Think food, crayons, small toys, and even dander. With that said, you can access this website to know a few tips to clean and maintaining your ducted gas heating system by yourself.


Cleaning your Climat ducted gas heating Melbourne system isn’t as hard as it sounds. Just be totally aware of what you’re doing and looking and you’re going to be okay. For more tips and tricks on how you can perform air conditioning maintenance, check out our blog page.